Our CSR strategy is a process that we have been pursuing since 2018 by investing in new projects and new actions.
MEDIA6’s social responsibility is a view shared by all the group’s employees. This causes us to act on 9 of the principles of the Global Pact to which we adhere.
Whether a matter of human rights, our governance, improving working conditions or social dialogue, the environment, good business practice, relationships with our customers or our social commitment, we always try to do more and do it better besides.
We have obtained an exemplary grade in our AFNOR-certified eco-design management program for the whole of the MEDIA6 Group.
We support the “Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque” association, which aims to improve access to treatment by sick children in developing countries.
We wish to go further in making our skills and expertise available to those causes that matter to us.