Arlette Favrot Training Centre

Since our company was founded, we have focused on work-linked training. In particular, we are proud of our apprenticeship centre for the woodworking professions. It attests to our deep belief that employees are a company’s greatest asset.





Our Values

Our training centre teaches woodworking techniques to pass on the craft’s knowledge and traditions, with a focus on creating quality items and satisfying our customers. Following tradition is important, of course, and so is learning new techniques that allow workers to adapt to new markets.


Our Training

Each year, young people with work-linked apprenticeship contracts obtain a diploma (Cabinetmaking Vocational Aptitude Certificate (CAP), Cabinetmaking Technical Trade Diploma (BTM), Cabinetmaking Superior Technical Trade Diploma (BTMS), HND fittings for architectural environment, Professional degree). An apprenticeship supervisor follows the student's course of study from start to finish in partnership with different technical teaching establishments (CIFAM in Sainte Luce (44), Lycées de l'Elorn in Landerneau (29), La Mâche in Lyon, Ecole Boule in Paris, etc.).


Our Awards

Over the past 40 years, the list of awards we have won for training young people is unrivalled, with many medals from the Concours du Meilleur Apprenti de France (France Best Apprentice Contest):

  • 32 gold medals at departmental level
  • 20 gold medals at regional level
  • 15 gold medals at national level (the contest was created in 1981)  

In April 2015, our two lucky gold-medal winners had the privilege of appearing before the Senate to receive their trophies. 


 This year, Clément Colas won the gold medal of the contest.