EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING: integration of experimental devices

​Very early on, our agency specialized in the integration of interactive experiences at the point of sale. Whether they are experimental concepts created by our studio or imagined by a third party, we accompany you in the definition of the story to be told at the point of sale, its technical design, the software development, the integration of new digital technologies, from the prototype to the installation and maintenance.


Experiential marketing








The [lab] is the Group’s innovation incubator. This innovative concept is completely new in the POP display and fittings industries, staying on the cutting edge of new ways consumers are connecting.


[The Immersion# This is an experiential laboratory and an idea reservoir, a truly interactive and connected experience. We’ve chosen the latest major innovations and are anticipating future advances.


[The Experience# These days, shoppers want to enjoy themselves. They want to interact with brands, live new experiences, test products, have fun. This means an experience is the key to creating an interaction among the consumer, the point of sale and the product, allowing the shopper to integrate the brand into their experience and leading them to make a purchase.


[The Service# MEDIA6’s extensive point-of-sale marketing experience gives us the expertise we need to help our clients offer their customers something new: a shopping experience through experiential marketing.