Worldwide leader in colour chart production.



MEDIAColor exports hair swatches to 80 countries. Our teams work at two production locations and an office in Paris. We design and manufacture colour charts and POP materials for displaying colouring products and colour charts.

Our core hair strand swatch production facility is located in Spain because this location has knowledge, experience and expertise in working with textile swatches. We produce hair swatches in all formats and colours for attaching to cardboard and plastic parts.

Throughout their extensive history, our Spanish subsidiary has developed excellent experience producing machines and tooling for colour charts. It also has the technical centre that fulfils any special production requests using specially-designed technical solutions.

Within the MEDIAColor Group, we have a research and development laboratory at our site in Spain, as well as a workshop where we can make our own machines and tooling. These special machines are made to fit specific product requirements allowing us to automate the different production stages, improve our productivity and share these benefits with our customers.

Our Group currently works with more than 200 customers in over 80 countries, including L’Oréal, Henkel, Schwarzkopf, Wella, Clairol, and several other international cosmetic companies with whom we’ve partnered for many years.

Our success is built on our continual work to transmit your image through quality products supported by our comprehensive services, flexibility, competitive prices and technology. We create innovative custom hair strand swatch and colour chart solutions for our customers.

Our teams will put their 15 years of experience to work, bringing their expertise and skill to your projects. Because of our international locations, MEDIAColor has a global vision of worldwide markets and the latest innovations.

We have created more than 8000 different hair strand swatch displays, which are available in our photo database. Our teams know how to help you choose the options and styles that will make your project simple and effective.