Merchandising & pharmacy's shop fitting

MEDIA6 Pharmacie, a recognised fitter in the pharmacy industry.

MEDIA6 Pharmacie has more than 25 years of experience in pharmacy fitting and a team of professionals with in-depth dispensary legislation and requirement knowledge. They will support you with your projects to renovate, transfer, build, expand, redecorate or comply with regulations at your pharmacies.We are a specialised fitter, fixture designer and manufacturer, and space and visual identity creator offering solutions that anticipate and address potential issues before they arise. MEDIA6 Pharmacie is a MEDIA6 Group subsidiary specialised in point-of-purchase communication. We offer comprehensive fitting solutions for dispensary pharmacists.


Our expertise :

AUDIT - ADVISE: Your MEDIA6 Pharmacie advisor will conduct a complete review of your dispensary using a specially-designed program to analyse and improve your work space.

PLAN - DESIGN: The design department will complete an inventory and provide layout schematics, merchandising suggestions, fixture personalisation, communication materials and exterior design ideas. You will receive a rendered drawing and a 3D view of the designs so you can easily visualise how they will look once implemented.

MANUFACTURE: With MEDIA6 Group’s industrial capabilities, MEDIA6 Pharmacie can offer multi-material solutions that take into account each project’s visual and financial requirements.

IMPLEMENT: The build department manages all your renovation, expansion or even construction projects, coordinating all work to ensure things run smoothly and ensuring you are free to continue your activity even while project work is in progress.

OUR OBJECTIVE: Improve your work space to ensure it is sustainable and provide a rapid return on investment.