For more than 40 years, MEDIA6 Group’s mission has been to put our point-of-purchase marketing expertise to work for our customers. Our strong values drive this mission.


Providing quality and innovation for our customers

  • Prioritising customer satisfaction
  • Displaying creativity and innovation through our products and services
  • Helping our employees grow
  • Striving for excellence in our products and services
  • Caring for the environment


MEDIA6 is your dedicated global partner

MEDIA6 is an independent group with its own industrial facilities in France and abroad.   

Comprehensive solutions:

  • Through vertical integration: Design – Manufacturing – Installation

  • Through horizontal organisation: Manufacturing with cardboard – metal – plastic – wood Individual solutions to every problem.

  • Dedicated industrial manufacturing facilities at seven locations that incorporate cutting-edge technical innovation.

  • We want to make sure you get exactly what you need, so our production and service subsidiaries are closely linked so you benefit from our expertise in both areas.