MEDIA6 subsidiaries

We are the only point-of-purchase marketing company that can meet all your needs. Through our production and service subsidiaries, we provide comprehensive, multi-material solutions for the POP display and fitting sectors.


For pre-product design services, our specialised design subsidiary works with you from the very beginning of your project.
After production, our installation subsidiary takes care of setting up your point-of-purchase materials on location.
In terms of production, our full industrial park has all the facilities necessary to manufacture anything you need.
If you need plastic, cardboard or multi-material POP displays, our MEDIA6 Production PLV subsidiary has the skills to bring your project to life.
Our Chinese subsidiary, MEDIA6 Asia Production manufactures POP displays at competitive prices and provides a logistics platform for your local and international projects. If you need metal POP displays, MEDIA6 Metal Production is ready to manufacture your products.
To complement these solutions, MEDIA6 Group can also provide point-of-purchase fittings through our MEDIA6 Agencement Shop Fittings subsidiary that specialises in making commercial fixtures and fittings for boutiques and shop, hotel and restaurant chains.
Our model is also tailored for specific sectors. For example, MEDIA6 Pharmacie works with pharmacists and their dispensaries.
Our Spanish subsidiary MEDIAColor services the hair colour and treatment industry, providing colour charts and colour product promotional materials.


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