MEDIA6 specialises in point-of-purchase marketing and has the experience to create high-performing communication and marketing in your retail outlet. Want to optimise sales, innovate, reinvent, present a new product to consumers or create a story around your point of purchase? We can help you accomplish all these objectives through our extensive expertise. We use our expertise, skill and personalised support to tackle all your challenges.


Optimising Your Retail Space

Want to integrate a new POP concept to add interest to your point of purchase? Optimising your point of purchase by including POP displays or shop fixtures will help you meet your commercial and promotional goals:

  • Increase traffic to your point of purchase,
  • Improve traffic flows,
  • Digitise your point of purchase,
  • Capture your visitors’ attention,
  • Lead consumers to make a purchase,
  • Present a new product to clients,
  • Represent the brand’s personality,
  • Impact sales,
  • Add visibility, and
  • Optimise product placement.

all of these opportunities and results are possible with our POP designs and high-quality shop fixtures. We offer a large range of fixtures you can personalise depending on your activity, your visual identity and your specific specifications.

MEDIA6’s Speciality: Adaptability

You can see our expertise in point-of-purchase marketing in action by exploring our portfolio of completed projects in a wide range of industries. We will design, manufacture and implement all your POP and shop fixture projects. Depending on your project and whether it is temporary or permanent, we can provide support throughout the year, especially during promotion and advertising campaigns to highlight your products.

Our adaptability allows us to solve all your challenges and issues. We are ready to create a solution that fits your specific project, for all types of activity, including cosmetics, luxury retail, supermarkets, trade marketing, travel retail, pharmacies, DIY, cars, video games, agribusiness, clothing, optical and more. Our adaptability even extends internationally: our group includes trusted partners in Asia, Europe and the United States so you can confidently bring your projects to life around the world.


Our Commitment to Quality

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality, most reliable POP in shops. We can do this through our in-house design studio and engineering office, providing innovative, effective and modern POP designs that fit your budget. We manufacture our POP range ourselves using quality materials such as wood, plastic or metal. These materials are available in various forms, including signs, displays, shelves and more.


MEDIA6 is with you through every step of your project, from designing and manufacturing your products to installing and maintaining them. We offer competitively-priced turnkey solutions backed by our experience managing timelines and fulfilling specifications.