This eco-design approach is assessed via the AFAQ Eco-design label benchmark, whereby in December 2019, our approach was awarded an “exemplary” score, which is the highest grade of labelling. We are the only actors in the market to have been awarded this grade since the very first labelling of its systems.
What does it mean to be assessed by AFAQ’s eco-design?
It is an assessment system for eco-design and its level of integration into the business. AFAQ’s eco-design does not judge the eco-designed product itself, but assesses the effort put into investment by the business into the program and the margins of progress, as a “continuous improvement” process. This assessment is based on a “life cycle” approach for manufactured products, with a transversal vision of the impacts generated by all activities.
Four main strands lie at the heart of the approach being assessed:
- Knowledge and skills in the sphere of eco-design, thanks to theoretical and practical inputs. All departments are involved in a transversal manner.
- Working on primary materials, transformative processes and transport. Collation of CO2 emission factors.
- The MEDIA6 Eco-Logic tool, which provides multi-criteria data (CO2 equivalent, kWh consumption, percentage of recycled materials, etc.) certified by AFAQ eco-design, on the basis of the completed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
- The evolution of the program in terms of the experience feedback, which is a dynamic for “continuous improvement.”