The main principles: “We want to see a flourishing economy working over the long term for people and the planet. We encourage investors, businesses and cities to take measures to build a truly sustainable economy by measuring and thereby understanding their impact on the environment.”
Yet, why disclose such information?
By us getting involved in the disclosure of environmental elements thanks to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), we can anticipate changes in regulations and policy, identify and make provision for increased risks and find new avenues of action for our customers and other stakeholders.
MEDIA6 is proud of being recognized by the CDP in this 2019 assessment. Here are our results:
Scored C for climate change in 2019. Our company is among the 35% of businesses that have reached the awareness-raising level in our activity group.
Score A- in assessing the commitment from suppliers in 2019. Our business is among the 13% of businesses that have reached the leadership level in our activity group.
Please see our declaration for yourself by clicking on this link: